Coatesville, Indiana
Coatesville United Methodist Church
4863 North Milton, Coatesville, IN 46121
Phone: 765-386-2900
Email: [email protected]
Sunday Worship:
  Sunday School:      9:30 AM
  Worship Services: 10:45 AM

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United Methodist Church
The essence of confidence in God's faithfulness prevails in Coatesville. Through many a toil and snare, God's church at Coatesville has endured as a beacon of His presence and light in the community.  - Rodger Ward
Coatesville, Indiana      -      Danny Sanders, Pastor      -      Phone:  765-386-2900
How to Donate to Coatesville UMC

Jesus calls each of us to share our gifts so that they may become blessings to others.  The Coatesville United Methodist Church offers two methods by which you can contribute to life-giving ministries of The United Methodist Church.

By Mail:

Make checks payable to "Coatesville UMC" and maill checks to:

Coatesville United Methodist Church
4863 North Milton
Coatesville, IN 46121


Please consider donating to our current project titled "Projecting Faith" for a new projection system by clicking the donate button.