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United Methodist Church
The essence of confidence in God's faithfulness prevails in Coatesville. Through many a toil and snare, God's church at Coatesville has endured as a beacon of His presence and light in the community.  - Rodger Ward

Our Easter Egg Hunt for the children was held on Saturday, March 26th at 2pm at the Coatesville United Methodist Church
We had a great turnout with many families from the community coming with their children to partake in the egg hung along with many of our church families.   A great time was had by all.  Check out the video on our Multimedia page and the photos on the Photo Gallery Page. 

We have added a Photo Gallery Page where we will retain all of the Coatesville UMC Church involved activities going forward.   Check it out and feel free go back and look at some of the other events that we have experienced with others in the church and community.

Projection System has been installed and is now operational.
That's right, we were able to raise enough money along with donated equipment and labor to complete the system.  This was all accomplished without using any money from the church's budget.  This new system will provide a wide range of opportunites for the church and for the members.  Yes, we will probably have a few growing pains and it will take some getting used to, but in time I think we will all grow to like what it does for us as a church. 

The Easter Contada was held on Sunday, March 20th at Coatesville UMC.  The Contata involved Amo and Coatesville UMC. 
As always, the group put on a wonderful event followed by punch and cookies downstairs.